The college aims to cultivate top innovative talents with international vision and national feelings, set up new educational ideal which take students as its essence, adhere to teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, deepen the integration of science and education, focus on innovation and practical ability, strengthen the construction of high quality education resources, such as course building, textbooks, teaching team, teaching base and so on. We are promoting teaching reform structuring in all-out, thorough, and all-round education, constructing open, and independent educational environment, improving the level of running a school and the quality of education.

The college has 1682 full-time undergraduate students, 688 postgraduates, 273 doctoral students, and 49 international students. In order to improve the quality of teaching, the faculty number in the college is increasing step by step; courses cover most subfields of Horticulture; teaching facilities have improved significantly the quality of talent training. Now, the college has an Experimental Teaching Center for Horticulture & Forestry Science, an Experimental Teaching Center for Landscape Architecture and the Comprehensive Training Center for Modern Agriculture (Horticulture).

The college has set up eight national top-quality courses, two national bilingual courses. Doctor Hao Yujin, Cheng Yunjiang and Xu qiangs dissertations have been rewarded as The National Hundred Excellent Doctoral Thesis in 2003, 2007 and 2010 respectively. Students in our college have achieved great successes in the 2010 "Yuan Ye Award" International Landscape Architecture Competition. A student team has been awarded the gold prize in the Challenge Cup of Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students of Hubei province.

National Teaching Team

Teaching Team of Garden Plant Series Course was approved by the national team in 2009, which was led by Professor Bao Manzhu. The Series of landscape plants courses include 4 required courses for landscape architecture majors: Landscape Dendrology, Landscape Tree Cultivation, Floriculture and Garden Plant Breeding, which have a close impact on the other 14 courses related to landscape architecture, the teaching team has 21 full-time teachers.

There are 3 courses: Floriculture, Landscape Dendrology and Garden Plant Breeding, which have been selected as national excellent courses or excellent resource sharing courses; Floriculture and Landscape Dendrology courses have been set up in the online learning platform of National Excellent Courses--China University MOOC, over 10000 students chosen those courses. The team edited or participated in editing and publishing 19 textbooks of the 13th Five-Year Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Society of China, and won 4 national excellent textbook awards: presided over 2 National education reform projects, 2 provincial education reform projects, 13school-level education reform projects; and won 4 provincial teaching achievements.

Experimental Teaching Center

The college has a horticultural forestry experimental teaching center, a landscape garden experimental teaching center and a modern agricultural (horticulture) comprehensive training center. There are 17 experimental technicians in the college, including 1 researcher and 7 associate researchers.