HZAU Takes the Lead in Organizing Hubei Agricultural E-commerce Training

Hubei Provincial Live Training in Agricultural E-commerce which was cooperated by Huazhong Agricultural University(HZAU) was launched online on May 11. This training lasted four days, attracting a total of 3886 trainees in Hubei Province, including grass-roots agricultural technicians, emerging farmers, returning home skilled people, and people from professional cooperatives and small and medium-sized enterprises.
The training was designated to strengthen the training for rural e-commerce personnel and the building of rural information technology personnel step by step, so as to better serve the rural revitalization strategy through the e-commerce learning. It was organized by the Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, which hired professional lecturers from Alibaba Rural Electric Business School to deliver lectures.

Hubei Agricultural E-commerce Training Live Course

HZAU stands the vision of new development proposed by President Xi and actively responds to the country’s call of integrating e-commerce into rural areas to help agriculture and farmers. With its goal as developing rural e-commerce talents, HZAU helped to build a “big platform” for agricultural e-commerce exchanges and integrate agriculture into the “network market” to form regional “big integration”.
After analyzing the characteristics of e-commerce business and understanding the current direction of e-commerce development, the College of Education and Training of HZAU communicated and negotiated with the Alibaba E-commerce School in response to the lack of rural e-commerce talents. The training had eight program courses with 32 online classes and boasted with a comprehensive, multi-level, refined e-commerce training course system for the trainees. It covered many subjects, like the new marketing strategy of agricultural resumption of work and production, how to drive industries related to rural areas, agriculture and farmers and so on. Through presenting contents like breakthroughs in the rural live industry, skills of live e-commerce etc., the course focused on building the village e-commerce ecology, developing local live e-commerce talents and effectively transforming sales awareness of “new farmers” to enhance the confidence of live broadcast.

The live streaming cover photo design

“The training not only provided us with practical learning guidance, but it also gave us a clear direction for future development.” Jiang Jun, a self-employed agricultural entrepreneur of Enshi shared his learning experience.
Wu Yuying, a 50-year-old family farmer in Jingmen, Hubei province, said with a smile: “A green hand like me has a certain understanding of e-commerce through studying. The training is quite instructive and applicable.”
“I had to work during the day so I just could replay the videos in a faster speed in the evening. Thanks to these courses, I become more open-minded and my horizon is expanded with inspiration popping out occasionally. While keeping up with the course schedule, I have a more comprehensive understanding of the live-streaming concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers.” Zhang Wei, an employee of Wuhan Agricultural Company said.
The trainees said that thanks to the training, they would transform themselves from a  producer to a producer & salesman. With the help of video livestreaming, they’re able to become new-type farmers and make a fortune for themselves.

Source: http://news.hzau.edu.cn/2020/0518/57266.shtml
Translated by: Lu Yanhong, Wang Yan, She Yueming
Supervised by: Zhang Juan