The 2nd International Symposium of Horticulture and Plant Biology is held online

From August 5 to 9, the 2nd International Symposium of Horticulture and Plant Biology, organized by College of Horticulture and Forestry Sciences, was held online. Prof. Noni Franklin-Tong and Prof. David Baulcombe, Members of the Royal Academy of Sciences; Prof. James Giovannoni Member of the American Academy of Sciences; and other 20 scholars in the field of horticulture from 10 countries were invited to give academic reports. Prof. Deng Xiuxin, members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the director of our horticulture discipline, and other research scholars from home and abroad participated in this event.

Xu Qiang, the vice dean of the College of Horticulture and Forestry Sciences, gave an opening speech and proposed that this symposium aimed to promote international cooperation, exchange and development of horticulture disciplines, broaden the knowledge of different disciplinary fields, and promote the research and practice of horticulture industry. He introduced the university and the college, and expressed the hope that this symposium would promote the exchange and cooperation between different disciplinary fields and promote the research and development in the field of horticulture.

The symposium was divided into 7 different topics, focusing on horticultural plant and microbe interaction, horticultural plant organ development and reproduction, sexual and asexual reproduction, fruit ripening and quality regulation, plant hormones and signal transduction, and RNA silencing in plants, respectively. Prof. Paola Bonfante from University of Torino, Italy, Prof. Michitaka Notaguchi from Nagoya University, Japan, Prof. Charles Underwood from Max Planck Institute, Germany, and other experts and scholars in the field of horticulture gave special presentations and shared their research progress. Participants actively asked questions, discussed the research frontiers of horticulture and plant biology, exchanged research ideas and methods, and explored new directions for future research of horticulture and plant biology.

At the end of the symposium, Prof. Deng Xiuxin once again thanked all the participants and conference organizers. He said that horticulture is in the golden period of basic and applied research development, and HZAU will continue to organize "the 3rd International Symposium on Horticulture and Plant Biology" next summer to build an exchange platform for global horticulture researchers, promote cooperation and exchange between scholars in different disciplines, and promote global development and technological innovation in horticulture and plant biology.

Source: http://chfs.hzau.edu.cn/info/1079/9146.htm

Translated by: ZHENG Huan

Supervised by: WANG Pengwei; XU Qiang